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XOXOffender Drabbles
Emmett stared at the woman sitting across from him. They were both sitting in metal folding chairs, and she wasn't behind a desk-something about removing the professional barrier that some people fear so that she's more approachable or something. He hadn't heard anything about it in a while, but Emmett was pretty sure the whole thing was nonsense. "Emmett."
The woman was pretty enough, and her voice would-under normal circumstances-been pleasant enough. But sitting there, judging him, Emmett couldn't stand the suited woman. Her voice was nails on a chalkboard to his ears, and her whole appearance was repulsive to him. She sat there primly, perfectly…her whole body language screamed 'I'm judging you, and I'm heavily biased.' Hadn't he gotten enough of that in his life already?
"Do you know why you're here?"
"The paranoid register girl took offense to my taking offense to her," he replied honestly. The woman, almost imperceptibly narrowed her eyes. There's the bias, he could see it.
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Jolly Sailor Bold Chapter 3
Jolly Sailor Bold
Chapter 3

It didn't take Marion long to meet and become familiar with the crew, but he supposed that was just part and parcel of the whole thing with a crew essentially consisting of six, seven including himself. There was the Pirate with Gout, who proved to be a knowledgeable medic (or what served as one) despite his condition. There was the Pirate who likes Sunsets and Kittens who had immense strength but a big brotherly nature that caught Marion off guard-but what can you say when a large dark-skinned pirate who looks capable of tearing your head off with one hand scoops you up into a 'welcome hug' without a warning? Then there was the Albino Pirate, who Marion supposed was a darling boy. He likely turned to the pirates since few 'landlubbers' ever appreciated having anything to do with an albino-they were, as the public deemed them, unnatural and peculiar, and for as long as Marion could recall, the public ill favored anything unusual or anything out of the
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Jolly Sailor Bold Chapter 2
Jolly Sailor Bold
Chapter 2

"So Mary is now joining our crew!" The Pirate Captain waved a wide hand at the man tying knots in the rigging masts behind him on the ship; at the sound of his (misstated) name, Marion glanced up and nodded to the Pirate with a Scarf. "He's got nothing else, and put up a good fight in the tavern in town! You should have seen him go at those three men!"
"It was an argument, Captain, nothing special," he said casually, "I've finished rigging the sails for you…how soon will we be leaving?"
"As soon as possible; thank you, Mary!"
"Marion. My name is Marion." The captain gave him a hearty slap on the back and he grunted. "Yeah, thanks."
"Oh, right, how are your injuries, Mary?"
"….They're fine, Captain. Nothing that would impede my work." He straightened up and sighed in relief when his back cracked softly and he brushed his hands off. "You're the first mate, hm, Scarf?" He eyed Pirate with  Scarf warily and carefully, "nice to meet you
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Jolly Sailor Bold Chapter 1
Jolly Sailor Bold
Chapter 1

The day had barely begun, but the sun already hung high and hot over Hook Island by the time the Pirate Captain docked his ship at the pier. His crew looked at him with pleading gazes, and he announced he was taking everyone to the tavern for a drink even as the Pirate with a scarf sighed in exasperation. "Shall I take care of restocking our supplies, then, Captain?" The Pirate Captain smiled and his first mate knew by now to take that as a well-resounding 'yes'. "Very well…you lot have fun, cool off a bit. I'll take care of everything."
"Thanks, Number two!" The crew giddily skipped down the dock, searching out the tavern with eager eyes. The tavern stood tall and vintage in appearance, with a wooden sign above the entryway, designating the building as 'The Fighting Cross'. The occasional sailor hung around by the door, but as the Pirate Captain drew closer, he noticed a crowd gathering about the tavern. "Are we that popular?"
"I think something
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Jolly Sailor Bold Prologue
Jolly Sailor Bold

The jail cell is dim and dirty, with straw heaped in one corner as makeshift bedding on the cold hard stone floor. There's a small window high on the stone wall, well barred, and too small to fit even a child or a dog. And sitting in the center of the cell, legs crossed and eyes glued to his feet, shackled wrists draped over his knees, the captain seems to ponder his ill life choices. He glances up when the jail door opens, and the guards lead in the thin man, and a confused light flickers across his eyes before recognition occurs and his brow furrows in disappointment and fury. "Number two."
"I was your first mate, captain…and since you're in the cell and not me, I think that makes me number one." The man straightens his jacket, the blue and red seeming to offend the captain in his cell and he grunts. "Don't like the colors anymore?"
"I loved you, Number two…like a brother."
"I loved you, too, captain," the man says with a shrug, "but I
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[HUNGER GAMES] Don't Leave Me
She was on the ground before he could react, the District 11 boy lurching quickly into the trees, bag slung over his shoulder, leaving her behind, bleeding on the ground. The District 12 girl seemed to be in a state of shock, and stumbled to her feet, clutching at her little bag desperately and fighting an internal battle she seemed to be losing about whether to run and not look back, or to get that girl's dying face eternally etched into her head. To himself, he hoped that she would see that face whenever she closed her eyes. Remember her.
But he didn't have time to  wonder or hope or wish for anything like that; he was sprinting across the field to the cornucopia faster than he could think-and years of training for the games made his thoughts fast and his body faster. But when he reached her, everything stopped. The birds seemed to fall silent, and he couldn't even hear that panting District 12 girl, fighting back whimpers as she stumbled through the forest. He fell to his
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The Ballad of Juliet Somerdale
The Ballad of Juliet Somerdale
(To the tune of Tsugihagi Sandoku; Patchwork Toxin )

I'm eating alone again
No one even tried to come down
My chest hurts a little.
But crying never helps me at all.
I know why they all avoid me.
They want to practice forgetting.
Acting like I was never here.
I was never here
Like I never existed.
It is fine if you are upset
But to start your acting now
Pisses me off
You want to forget me
Before I'm even gone
I will never allow you to forget my face!
Because today will never leave us now
We'll all be together forever
It's okay if you don't like it
It's okay if you don't like me
So I guess the feeling's mutual now
I have broken the clock in town forever
Always will be we be today together
Maybe now you won't like it
Relax now, don't try to fight it
We'll be together for quite a long time
You may ask why I'd do
Such a cruel thing to you
Trap you in this eternal gloom
Trap you in this eternal noon
Truth is I very much love you
But you threw this cr
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Oni no Kyouran Part 2
Oni no Kyouran
Part 2

Ayumu grumbles, and wipes the sweat from his brow as he looks around the village square; Misaki was right, Kyouran is a very simple looking village-the buildings are simply built and spaced apart widely. The roads are made of dirt, and all the signs are hand-painted. It feels like he's gone back in time, having just recently that morning come from Tokyo…he half-heartedly attempts a smile to all the people who have gathered in the square to stare at him.
"Village like this, I'm not surprised they don't get many visitors," he comments to himself, "took us several hours to get here with expert directions-can't imagine anyone could accidentally stumble across this village."  A thought occurs to Ayumu and he frowns. "So Kuroshima-san had to deliberately come here of his own volition….it really probably isn't anything to worry about."
"Good day, sir, how are you finding our village?" In his distraction, a tall man with dark blond hair approach
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Oni no Kyouran Part 1
Oni no Kyouran
Part 1

The heat in the van is almost unbearable, and Ayumu can't even recall how long they've been driving anymore-he leans back in his seat, the case file draped over his face in a desperate attempt for some shade. The police force couldn't spare a van with effective air conditioning to send them off to the middle of nowhere in? He groans at the thought of their mission, and the van swerves ever so barely as the case file is snatched off of his face. "Be serious, Yumeshiro-san! You need to be studying that, not hiding under it!"
Ayumu would glare at his young partner, but he can't work up the energy in such heat, so he only pays her a discomforted glance. "Yeesh, keep your pants on,  Hajikata-kun, you act like this is the most important case in the world." He fans himself with the manila folder, and he can feel an icy glare aimed in his direction from the driver's seat.
"Every case is important, Yumeshiro-san! People are relying on us, lives could hang
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Oni no Kyouran Prologue
Oni no Kyouran

The air is heavy in his lungs and the ground is hard yet slippery under his unsteady feet as he races through the village streets, looking around wildly. He moves like a madman running for his life,  though no pursuer is in sight, and he continues to look around in a panic in the darkness of the night. "I can't see…I can't see…it's too dark, but are they still there?" He swallows hard and continues running; there is no time for him to slow down and take a look around carefully. There's no time to do anything, if he slows down for even one moment….
He curses heavily when he slides to a stop at the edge of a cliff overlooking a river, panting as he reprises his thrashing panicked looks about, peering intently at every possible hiding place-every rock, every tree, every bush and structure within range. "They know I know…" He shakes his head, "but once I break this case wide open, this madness will finally be brought to an end. I
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Feel Like A Monster Part 2
Feel Like A Monster Part 2
He lept and oozed and devoured people like there was no tomorrow; he couldn't help it. It was like Pringles. You pop one and you just can't stop. Only the Pringles were humans. It was addictive, like testing was, but he knew he could stop devouring. Testing, he needed. He needed to test. He wanted to eat. And eating what he wanted was so simple….then he met the AI. He was a core in appearance, with a pure white light, lens narrowed in what he supposed to be irritation as the core placed itself between Weschelbalg and the scientists in a lab.
"They call me Warden," the core informed him, "do you know why?"
"No. I also do not care," Weschelbalg happily replied, "but you know what. It doesn't matter what your name is. You're on a guide rail, and I can go wherever I want."
"That's what you think."  He couldn't bring himself to care, but when he moved for the scientists, the floor moved and something whirred behind the walls, and suddenly he
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Feel Like A Monster Part 1
Feel Like A Monster
He never really cared about the money, although it pleased him to feel the weight of the sixty dollars in his pocket. He had heard about the testing, and he knew he had to do it. He tried it, and he knew he needed to do it. He wanted to test. He had to test. He needed to test. It was beyond all fun he'd ever had before in his life. It made his heart race and his vision swim and his head reel and his nerves just feel…man alive, there was nothing else like it.
So after he'd been released from testing, he immediately spoke to the supervisor: "Is there any way I can possibly stay and test some more?" The supervisor looked at him strangely, and smiled the smile you smile at people you believe, with no uncertainty, that you are above, that are mere insects to you, idiots, morons. Not that he hadn't been called all of the above through the course of his lifetime, but it still made his blood boil to see that smile on someone's face.
"Why? Your mandatory testing
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Original Quotes Challenge Entry by OsakanXKira Original Quotes Challenge Entry :iconosakanxkira:OsakanXKira 1 2 Why, Marie? by OsakanXKira Why, Marie? :iconosakanxkira:OsakanXKira 1 1 Lie Riverstone by OsakanXKira Lie Riverstone :iconosakanxkira:OsakanXKira 1 1
The Flask
The Flask
       Aegos and Aletha fidget nervously as they watch Robin sleeping fitfully, hooves kicking out in what they can only assume to be anger or fury at her equestrian form. "Sh-should we wake her up?" Aletha looks to Aegos in frightened panic, "should we let her sleep?" She stares at their earstwhile mistress in sheer terror. "If we wake her up, she'll be cranky and furious with us for waking her from her slumber!"
"But if we let her sleep, she'll be furious with us when she wakes up that we didn't interrupt her nightmare!"
"Oooh, we're doomed either way!" Aletha whines, stamping her front hooves on the ground in a flustered fashion, "Aegos what do we do?!!"
"Aletha, calm down, alright?" The pegasus pats her head in a fatherly manner and calmly trots over to Robin. "It will be fine."
"Aegos, what are you doing?"
"Calm down." Aegos gently shakes Robin, "Ma'am, please wake up." The unicorn stirs, jade green eyes flutt
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Complimentary Badges [update]
Hello everyone it's my birthday tomorrow which is something i have only remembered just then :B
So if you're wondering that is why this is such short notice lol.
Anyway usually i have some sort of silly giveaway thing around my bday BUT NOT THIS YEAR BECAUSE I'M LAZY haha no i lie there's still a giveaway let's not break tradition eh.
This year i'll be doing tiny digital complimentary badges (in honour of Harmony Day). And when i say complimentary i mean it more so in the way that they'll have a random compliment written on them :XD: Because you know it's nice when other people feel nice about themselves. They'll look something like this (and literally be about this size):
Aww, lookit his little T-rex arms.
I'm probably gonna do like 10 or so, so if you want to be in on it all you gotta do is:
Comment here so i have something to read whilst wondering what i've done with my life lol
Fave this journal because i'm going to use a random number generator to choose who gets one
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I decided to write something easier. A story I can finish. Maybe aimed more towards kids and teenagers instead. So I came up with 'The Narrator's Apprentice'.

Every story is told by a Narrator, and every Narrator who has an apprentice to run errands and gather plot hooks for them, who works every day towards becoming a Narrator themselves. There are two ways to become a Narrator-work very hard for a very long time, or do something incredible and create a story the world has never seen before. Fib is the apprentice of the Master Narrator, who according to legend was storyteller who worked in the streets for three thousand years before being promoted to Narrator. Fib's been working only seven hundred years, but he's sure as hell not going to wait another two thousand years just to be promoted! He wants to be promoted NOW. That leaves only one option for him.

Fib is convinced if he can turn a villain into a hero before he turn evil by way of his storyline, he can create a story unique enough to be worthy of a promotion right away. He thinks it'll be easy. However, he's forgotten one of the cardinal rules his master taught him: Where there is a villain in a story, there must always be a villain. In removing one villain from the role, you do not erase the role, but rather you create a new villain to fill the role.

That's the gist of the story, anyways.

Narrators get all the glory, the power to manipulate a story to suit them, and people go with what they say. It's power, and glory, and respect, and honor, and many people would do anything to have that. Narrator's apprentices have a hard life, though...they are the ones who have to run all their Narrator's errands, collecting plot hooks, cleaning up messes, fetching character flaws, magical components, researching landscapes, discovering where the perfect kingdoms for stories are, observing dangerous animals for use with the villains...really, their lives suck. And when they get promoted, they often take out their frustration with their own apprenticeship on their new apprentice...which encourages their apprentice to do the same thing when THEY finally get promoted. Generally, Narrators and their apprentices also have the problem of assuming they are better than absolutely everyone else. Making them difficult for humans to get along because of their egos. (Some of the older Narrators are better, but the younger ones not so much. The Master Narrator is probably the nicest one you'll meet, but he can be distant. )

There's also one other important role that the story has: The Editor. The Editor edits all the stories created by the Narrators and their apprentices. Every story created is submitted to the Editor and his assistants for editing so that they can eliminate the dumber and less logical stories. They don't want to release any story but the best. Most apprentices don't like Editor's assistants since they are strict, humorless, and disapproving of most ideas they could come up with. The Editor himself doesn't come out often, since he's the boss, and has had his job for many many years. Editors, unlike Narrators and their apprentices, have a uniform. They wear suits and are easy to notice-they effectively have potentially more power than Narrators, but their professionalism keeps them from doing anything stupid with it. Most plots to be promoted to Narrator are cut short by the actions of an Assistant Editor, hence why most apprentices don't like them. (But Assistant Editors don't like them either-apprentices tend to be elitist and smug and overconfident, and they don't approve of all the foolish things they put innocent people through just for their stories.)

I've just about finished the first act of the plot. So I'm halfway through the story! I might actually finish this one. HOORAY!


Shiori Tsumi
United States
"I'm not afraid of the dark-I'm afraid of what might be IN the dark."-Me

Current Residence: AMERICA
Favourite genre of music: Dance. But I also like those haunting music boxes...
MP3 player of choice: I don't care all that much for them. I have a CD player.
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Wallpaper of choice: Whatever piques my interest.
Skin of choice: My own. It'd be gross if I used someone else's.
Personal Quote: "People are stupid. That's what makes them people."


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